Past successful grants




The following is a list of some of the grants the Shepherd Foundation has funded in the past:



  • Chronic kidney disease prevalence and management in people with type 2 diabetes attending general practice
  • Rapid point-of-care testing for hepatitis C in community clinics (Rapid-EC)
  • A Prospective Observational Study of the Immunology of the Carrier and Infective State of Group A Streptococcal Pharyngitis
  • Exposure to Bisphenol A during Pregnancy and Neurodevelopment at 2 Years of Age in the Barwon Infant Study
  • Garlic and Candida: PAThWAY Randomised Controlled Trial
  • Pathways to Care for Problematic Khat use. A pilot study regarding effective strategies for individuals with problematic khat use and their families
  • A Randomised Controlled Trial of the novel Quick-Wee Method
  • Prospective surveillance of invasive group A streptococcal disease in Australian children
  • In-field Personalised Cholinesterase Assessment Project: A foundation for identification and informed intervention (In-field PCAP)
  • Driving to Health: Optimising a mobile mental health intervention for taxi drivers
  • Novel approaches to improve understanding of anaemia and its determinants in Indigenous communities
  • Bisphenols, phthalates and adverse child neurodevelopment including autism: understanding the early life molecular programming of neurodevelopment to better protect infants in utero from the possible harmful effects of prenatal plastic